The First On Shop Coffee Roasteria

Malaysia has a long history of coffee roasting, but it is mostly in HaiNamese style coffee. Many still roast beans in a very traditional way, and visiting a coffee roastery is prohibited because roasting is often consider a secret skill of the shop owner.

Khaki Coffee Bar first opened in ____, at ____. At that time, we were one of the few rare roasteries that allow everyone to see the roasting process during their visit until other roasteries started becoming more open. We are also probably the first company in Malaysia to have our Coffee Roasteria in the same building as our shop. In _____, we opened up our bar so that customers could have a taste of our products before deciding to purchase them or not. Business ran as usual until ____, where we ran into problems and had to shift our premises. Forturnately, we managed to secure a shoplot near our old outlet. We have since then operated from there.
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