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Usually roasters distinguish coffee by their aroma, body, acidity, bitterness, sweetness, and how fruitiness it is. These properties are what every cup should

have; just that the typical coffee drinker doesn’t differenciate them. For Khaki Coffee Bar, what we really stress upon is the character of each beans.

To discover the optimum roast to bring out the best character of the beans is our mission. However, describing characters of coffee is much more than simply stating the degree of acidity, bitterness, earthiness in it.

Characteristics of coffee beans are very unique ,especially in Single Origin Coffee. Some people will stick with one particular type of bean once they have fallen in love with it.

As a coffee scholar, roast master, technical character, trainer and barista, I’have come to understand that a change in the taste of a cup of coffee can be caused by any happpenings during the entire process, from harvesting to the cup. However, the most important thing is to respect personal preferences, as someone''s favored taste could be vastly different compare to another's. Go ahead and enjoy your cup of coffee and ignore other people's opinions. There is nothing wrong if you have really found the taste and character that you love.

Yours Sincerely,

S M Chew

Khaki Coffee Bar

 Brazil Santos Arabica

 Brazil, the largest producer of Arabica in the world.  Its plantation system is highly followed by others and  acts as a universal reference. Brazil only exports the  best quality coffee beans and also enhancing their  great plantation year after year. Being a role model,  many was inspired to achieve Brazil-flavoured coffee  beans.

Santos Italian

Santos Italian is a mixture of beans with contains mainly of Brazil beans. This blend of coffee beans produce a stronger body and thicker crema than usual. It is very popular and favourable among all coffee lovers.

Java Arabica

Java Arabica or some may call it Java Mocha is one of the signature coffee bean in Indonesia. We believe that most Arabica in Asia originate from Java and it is the earliest Arabica in Asia. Heavy body, slightly robust, strong earthy taste and woody for aged beans.


High Quality Coffee

We obtain green beans of the highest quality and pick out by hand the defected beans if necessary, because we are THE BEST

By roasting in small batches, we customize the roasters according to each customer's needs.


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Guatemala Arabica is a bean from Central America. Although Guatemala and Honduras are close neighbour, they possess totally different characters. A great body is has but rather fruity in taste. Its body maximises at medium dark roast and goes really well with milk.


Columbia Supremo is the highest grade of Columbia Arabica. Truly significant for its powerful acidity depending on its roasting degree, it also has quite a strong body. Not to mention, it is the second largest coffee production in South America.


 Like any other African beans, Tanzania Arabica is  strongly fruity in taste. However, it inholds a slightly  different type of robust compared to other beans.  Strong body with the right roasting profile and is  capable of achieving an outstanding taste even when  added with a lot of milk.